Does my roof need a roof restoration or repair?

Does my roof need a roof restoration or repair?

Many Melbourne home owners have probably looked at there roof and thought to themselves ‘does my roof need a roof restoration or repair?’. The easiest way to tell if your roof is in need of a restoration or repair is getting up on your roof, safely of course, to conduct a visual inspection. If you’re having trouble with pest infestations, water leaking, or if your roof has algae or is dirty all over, it is probably in need of some TLC. If you are unable to get up on your roof you can always pay someone to attend your property and conduct a roof inspection and written report. Below are some things you can look for to determine weather or not your roof is need of some repair.

Concrete/Terracotta Roof Tiles.

If your roof is made of concrete or terracotta roof tiles there are many different things you can look for to determine if your tiled roof is in need of a clean, repair, roof restoration or a complete roof replacement. If your roof is covered with algae to the point where you cant see the tops of the roof tiles, it goes without saying you’re going to need a good clean with a high powered pressure washer. Missing tiles are also a bad sign that your roof is in need of a repair. Generally, if you can walk on the roof tiles and they are not breaking beneath your feet every time you take a step you probably only need a roof restoration. If your roof tiles are so brittle that they are cracking under your feet you are most likely in need of a complete roof tile replacement. The reason you would need this is because your tiles are beyond restoring and at the end of there life.
Other signs that your roof is in need of repair is if the mortar beneath the capping tiles is falling away and cracked. If not repaired the cracked mortar can allow rain water into the ceiling space potentially causing water damage to internal plaster. Cracked Mortar can also cause the capping tiles to move around during storms risking damage to other roof tiles and lastly it can create holes in the roof allowing vermin into your roof cavity.

Having a qualified roofing specialist inspect your roof is a wise choice. These guys are set up, qualified and trained to look for potential roof leaks, hidden dangers and wear and tear issues on your tiled roof.

If you think your roof needs some TLC or would simply like it inspected, call H&R Roofing Services on 1300ROOFCARE or visit our website

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  1. Gregory Willard
    Gregory Willard says:

    I had no idea that the best way to determine if you need repairs is a visual inspection. I have never really known if we needed roof repairs, and I usually will wait until something happens in the attic. I will have to climb up there this weekend and see if everything is okay.

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