re-roofing melbourne

Re-Roofing Melbourne

Re-Roofing Melbourne: Are your concrete or terracotta roof tiles old, brittle or outdated?  

re-roofing melbourne


H&R roofing Services are experts when it comes to re-roofing your concrete and terracotta tiled homes and have been re-roofing Melbourne homes for over 15 years.

The most common reason your house will need it’s roof replaced is when there are excessive soft, broken or damaged roof tiles. This can be caused by wind, foot traffic, or simply old age. If these damaged and cracked roof tiles go unnoticed you leave the inside of your home at risk of water damage. its only when the rain has been and gone that you start to notice water staining occurring and the plaster ceiling starts to drop causing a ripple effect.

re-roofing melbourne


There are many benefits that come with re-roofing your Melbourne home. Below are just a few examples.

  1. The cost of repairs can be more than the cost of replacement of the roof. Roof tiles on old homes can be brittle and incredibly fragile. Roof tilers sometimes find that once they are up on the roof they continually keep breaking roof tiles while changing the initial broken roof tiles. In some cases roof tilers will go out to a roof with the intention of changing up to 20 broken roof tiles and end up changing double or even triple the amount that needs to be change. Roof tiles become so weathered and soft that it is virtually impossible to change the initial amount of broken roof tiles.
  2. In some cases restoring your existing roof can be more expensive than under taking a full re-roof. for example if the mortar, valley trays and broken roof tiles need to be changed, the amount to fix these problems would be in the thousands of dollars, sometimes it’s better to spend that little bit extra and have a completely new roof that you know will last your life time.
  3. Aesthetically, having a new roof can add thousands of dollars to your property.
  4. Piece of mind that during a bad storm you know that none of your roof tiles are going to blow off or   your roof is not going to leak and at worst getting any electrical components wet ie: down lights and start an electrical fire.

When choosing a roof tile to put on your roof I find that terracotta roof tiles are the best. They are durable and the colour won’t fade. Concrete roof tiles are another option that is both durable and have a flawless finish.

Replacing the roof on your Melbourne property will generally take between 2-4 days for a small 13sqm  single story home.


H&R Roofing Services 10 Steps to Re-Roofing your home:

  1. Installing the safety rail:

Safety rail is installed around the perimeter of the roof. This stage is completed to prevent any roof tilers from falling and to stop any debris from falling of the roof.

  1. Removal of roof tiles:

All roof tiles and ridge capping’s are removed.

  1. Inspecting the old roof battens:

Once the roof tiles have been removed the original roof battens are inspected to ensure they are all in good condition. If they are cracked or show signs of deterioration they are removed.

  1. Install Insulation Paper

This process is done before the new battens are installed.

  1. Battens installed:

If required, new battens are then installed on top of the new insulation paper.

  1. Roof tiles are loaded up:

The new roof tiles are then sent up using a conveyor system.

  1. Roof tiles installed:

Once the roof tiles are stacked out on the roof, the roof tiles are then laid and fixed to the battens in accordance with the Australian standards.

  1. Ridge capping tiles:

The ridge capping tiles are installed with a mortar mix beneath them.

  1. Pointing:

Pointing is installed over the mortar mix which is beneath the capping tiles. The pointing comes in various colours and acts as a mechanical fastening for the capping tiles to prevent them blowing off during storms.

  1. Finish:

The safety rail is removed and your property is tidied up so that it is free of any roof tiling debris.


If you are looking for a re-roofing specialist in Melbourne to replace your concrete or terracotta tiled roof, look no further. Give H&R Roofing Services a call on 1300 ROOFCARE, or email for a quote or expert advice.




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