What is bedding and pointing?

What is bedding and pointing?

One of the most common questions we get asked in the roof tiling industry is ‘what is bedding and pointing?’.  Many roof tilers uses these words without realising that the customer doesn’t understand what they are referring to.

Terracotta and cement tiled roofs have ridge capping tiles. These ridge capping tiles are shaped like a ‘V’ which follow the sloping edges of the roof.

bedding and pointing

Beneath these capping tiles is the bedding. This is a sand and cement mixture which is 1 part cement and 4 parts sand. The bedding is the foundation of which the ridge capping tiles sit on the roof.


The second coat is applied to the edge of the capping tiles, this is called “Flexible pointing”.  This coat is used as a protective layer over the bedding and also acts as a fixing mechanism for the ridge capping tiles during those windy Melbourne days.

The video below demonstrates the process of bedding and pointing the capping’s on a tiled roof.

For more information about bedding and pointing give Heath and the team at H&R Roofing Services a call on 1300ROOFCARE. www.melbournerooftilerepairs.com.au

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