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What is the difference between roof sarking and sisilation?

What is the difference between roof sarking and sisilation?


roof sarking

Roof tiling contractors often use the terms roof sarking and sisilation.  But what are they? Are they the same thing? And do you really need them?

Both roof sarking and sisilation refer to a type of roofing insulation.  They are both positioned under your roof tiles and rolled out in sections, either parallel or perpendicular to the eaves, with an overlap between each layer to help prevent wind driven rain and dust from getting into the roof cavity.

So what’s the difference between roof sarking and roof sisilation?

Roof sarking is a reflective, non-permeable foil.  It is used as a second skin to reduce moisture, leaking, dust, and other elements that can cause damage to homes over a period of time.  Many roof tiling contractors find sarking strengthens the roof, making it more durable and longer lasting than roofs without it.

Sisilation is also a reflective foil insulation.  It is made from a combination of aluminium foil and woven cloth, or kraft paper, and then reinforced with fiberglass.  Many sisilation products are also flame retardants.

How well insulation works is expressed by its R-value, meaning, the greater the R value, the better the insulation.  Both sarking and sisilation increase the R value of a home.  One of the greatest benefits of an increased R value is lower utility bills.  A well insulated home requires less heating and cooling.

Due to the many benefits of sarking and sisilation some areas require it to be installed to protect homes from wind, fire, hot climates, and many other natural elements.

Although roofing insulation initially comes at an additional cost, its important to look at the overall picture to asses if roof sarking or sisilation is right for your home.

So I guess the answer to the question is that roof sarking and roof sisilation are different products that serve the same purpose.

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