Roofing Repairs

H&R Roofing Services are experts in roof leak detection and repairs. With over 15 years experience we have seen every possible roof leak imaginable. A leaking roof may just seem annoying, but if left un-repaired can cause major problems.


You will notice your roof is leaking if there are brown stains on the ceiling, wet patches on the floor or you notice a dripping sound when it’s raining. These signs are usually very obvious, however, detecting the leak can often be tricky as water can travel, often making it difficult to detect the entry point. Heath has located and repaired hundreds of leaks on Melbourne roofs, so rest assured your roof leak will not go undetected.

Some common causes of roof leaks are as follows:

Broken roof tiles

Broken cement on ridge cappings

Rusty valley trays

Faulty flashings

Incorrectly repaired roof tile

Overflowing Gutters

If your roof leak has occurred immediately after a heavy storm, it’s likely to be related to storm damage, therefore, you may be able to claim the damage through your home insurance.  H&R Roofing Services are an approved service provider for the insurance industry. Heath will ensure your claim is handled swiftly and efficiently

If you have a leaky roof give Heath a call on 1300ROOFCARE and he will have it fixed in no time!

Are your tiles and mortar looking cracked or broken?

Loose and broken tiles and cracked cement are common problems associated with having a tiled roof. These may not seem like an issue, but we all know that Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can turn at any moment. Periods of wind and rain can cause roof tiles to become loose or even blow off, allowing rain to enter the roof, potentially causing thousands of dollars of damage to your property.

To ensure your roof is safe, secure and water tight, call Heath for a complete roof solution.

Re-bedding and Pointing of a concrete tiled roof