roof flashing

Roof Flashing. Is it really that important?

Roof Flashing.  Is it really that important?

roof flashing

Roof Flashing

What is Roof Flashing?

Flashing, or lead flashing, is a piece of sheet metal placed over roofing joints to prevent water seeping into the house and causing damage. It is typically made from aluminium, galvanized steel or lead and is an essential part of your roofs water drainage system. If the flashing on your roof is not correctly installed your roof and internal areas of your home are at risk of severe water damage.

Roof flashing around a TV antennae

Roof Flashing around a TV antennae

Why do we need it?

Lead flashing creates a protective seal around areas such as skylights, chimneys, dormers and vents. However, can be used on any area of the roof at risk of water penetration including edges, valleys, joints, gaps and intersections of any roof structure.

roof flashing around a skylight

Roof Flashing around a skylight

Incorrect installation of lead flashing can lead to water damage and early deterioration of roof joints.   Therefore, it is incredibly important to have your roofs flashing installed correctly and by a professional.  Professional roofers are trained in the installation of flashing and can also inspect your roof for any early signs of roof deterioration. Having lead flashing installed right the first time is one of the best things you can do to preserve both the interior and exterior of your home . After all, the roof over your head is your biggest investment.


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