concrete main bodied roof tiles

Common Roof Tiling Terminology

Understanding Roof Tiling Terminology

Bedding, pointing, capping’s, what does it all mean? All you want is to stop your roof leaking or restore its look, but the tradesmen come around and start using all these roofing words you don’t understand! I’m a big believer in making informed decisions, and having your roof repaired is no exception. I have made a list of common roofing terminology, so when you go to get your roof quoted you know exactly what you are being quoted for, because, unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there wanting to make a quick buck.

Ridge Capping’s (ridges/capping tiles):

The triangle shaped tiles covering the joins where two sides of the roof meet.

terracotta ridge cappings

Main bodied roof tiles:

This is a common phrase to describe the roof tiles covering the roof

concrete main bodied roof tiles

Bedding (mortar/cement):

Bedding is used to secure the ridge capping’s in position. It is a sand and cement mix and applied beneath the capping tiles. It is used to support and align the capping tiles.

Flexible Pointing (pointing):

This seals and locks down the capping tiles. It’s what stops your capping tiles from blowing off in high wind. Pointing is applied on the side of the ridge capping’s between the main bodied roof tiles and capping tiles.

Valley Iron (valley tray):

Valley trays are the metal part of the roof you see where two sides of the roof meet. They are used to join the two sides of the roof together and aid with drainage of water from the roof tiles (much like external guttering).




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