Repairing A Leaky Tiled Roof in Airport West Melbourne

Repairing A Leaky Tiled Roof In Airport West, Melbourne.

Sometimes small roofing issues seem insignificant and can often be overlooked or not made a priority to fix. However, these issues can create major problems during rain and windy weather, potentially causing more roofing problems or damage to the internal area of your home.  Repairing small roofing problems will prevent your roof from leaking, saving you money and a whole lot of stress in the long run.

Heath and the team at H&R Roofing Services attended a property in Airport West, Melbourne, where a small roofing issue had lead to water damage to the internal plaster ceiling and batten lights.

What Happened?

The concrete tiled roof simply had a 1 broken roof tile as a result of a new antenna being installed. During a recent downpour water had entered the roof cavity and the result was significant water damage to the plaster ceiling and batten lights.

internal view of broken roof tile

water damaged plaster ceiling

How We Fixed The Problem and Repaired The Damage:

Obviously the first point of call was to fix the initial problem, the roof leaking. we removed and replaced the broken roof tile.

We then organised a registered electrician to remove the 2 batten lights and the power point that supply’s the garage door motor power and then re-install them once the new plaster was installed.

and lastly, we replaced all of the damaged plaster and re-painted the ceiling to match the existing ceiling.

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