Are roof tiles energy efficient?

Are roof tiles energy efficient?

With the ever increasing cost of heating and cooling your home it has made me pose the question ‘Are roof tiles energy efficient?’.  It is important to consider all aspects of your house when thinking about energy efficiency. Your roof is one of the largest external facing surfaces of your home, therefore, roofing materials that help maintain an even temperature within your home, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, is an important consideration.

Roof tiles are a great choice because of 2 main, energy reducing reasons: Firstly, roof tiles have a high thermal mass. This allows any absorbed heat to dissipate as it transfers through the material. The roof tile will store the heat and then gradually release it at night when the temperature is cooler. This means that a tiled roof will absorb the heat of the sun, minimizing the amount of heat that is released into the ceiling space.  Likewise, it will trap any heat from within the home on a cold day, thus preventing the heat from escaping and decreasing the temperature within your home.  Secondly, concrete and terracotta roof tiles are installed individually (rather than in large sheets), allowing air to move around the tiles, creating a natural ventilation system.

In a comparison study of white roof tiles and white metal roofing, the roof tiles showed a much higher level of solar reflection than metal roofing, reflecting 75.4% of solar energy. Metal roofing reflected 67.6% of solar energy, 7.8% lower than roof tiles.

If you’re looking for an energy efficient roofing solution it’s worthwhile considering cement or terracotta roof tiles, particularly in a light colour.

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